Window Cleaning in Scranton

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Although my window cleaning company is based in Honesdale I do plenty of work in Scranton. Some of the work I get is due to advertising. Also much is by word of mouth- fine testimony from satisfied customers. As I work all over Lackawanna County I find Scranton to be a unique community. Many of the buildings are old with tall floors, but seem in pretty solid condition. Most people are very friendly. A real treat to me is when I’m working high up in the hills and get a spectacular view of the Lackawanna Valley .

Why do residents in Scranton and surrounding areas request my window cleaning services? I can’t read minds, but many simply have strong traditional values and keep their properties beautiful. Others are like much of typical America, getting too busy to do that kind of thing, but like the great feeling of clean windows.

I’m aware that there are several other window cleaning companies in Scranton. Battling competition does not figure into my game plan and I have no idea what they may be charging. The truth is you can’t win them all. My price quotes are such that I make it an affordable luxury to most individuals, but not so low that I cannot afford general liability and workmen’s comp. insurance.

I’ve found it to be true that if you do a great job for someone, that someone will tell others about his experience. This is something my company counts on. Since 1986, when I had very few window cleaning tools and basic ones at that, I have done whatever it takes to do great work.

If you want to see why home and business owners call me over and over again, visit

window cleaning in Scranton

No house is too large for us to clean

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