Window Cleaning in the Dead of Winter?

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Here in northern Pennsylvania, a typical winter doesn’t yield too many days with several consecutive hours of above-freezing temperatures. That makes it a bit more difficult in general to clean windows. Is it necessary to put off getting your home windows cleaned when it’s winter?
I’ve never done a real study on airborne dirt in different seasons, but I’m confident that winter carries it’s share of surface contaminants, what with the wind and the impurities, minimal as they may be, in snow falling from the sky. Interestingly, with the sun consistently at a lower angle in the sky, the view through your windows will still reveal how dirty they may actually be!
Granted, many don’t want to bother with having their residential windows cleaned when it gets cold. Quite a few of my customers wonder if I even work in November. This may cause them a tinge of anxiety if they have been meaning to call me and put it off or they’re having some type of get-together and want it to be just perfect, or that aunt from Germany is visiting and she will surely have a fit if the windows aren’t sparkling.
To answer the question “is it possible to clean windows in Pennsylvania in the dead of winter”?..Yes. Even when the temperature is well below 32 Fahrenheit, a real good job can be done. Last winter, I cleaned storefront windows in Stroudsburg and Honesdale when it was -2F! Wasn’t fun, but it was done.
Here’s a picture of my favorite window cleaner, Ben, cleaning residential windows at 17F.

17 F, Walton, NY

Winter Window Cleaning

Just last week, Josh and I did a residential window cleaning in Hawley, PA and the outside temperature was around 24 F. So, if you really need your windows cleaned soon, you don’t have to wait until the daffodils start coming up.
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