Window Cleaners Working Safely On The Inside

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Sometimes window cleaners find it more difficult and dangerous to work inside than outside. With our use of long-reaching water fed poles, we have eliminated most difficult and awkward ladder setups. Special poles outfitted with a pure water delivery system have made this possible. Obviously the same method cannot be used inside a building. The fact is that there can be very hard-to-reach windows inside as well.  When screens or mullions need to be removed, a ladder or some type of lift will still need to be used. When this is not the case and the panes are not exceptionally small, we have begun employing a method that is quicker, safer, and just as effective as when window cleaners feel they must get “nose to glass”.

True, some home or business owners have a certain expectation from professional window cleaners. Perhaps they want to see ladders, rags, buckets, squeegees and so on. I doubt that many, or even any, though, would say they don’t care about how good the results are or how safe the window cleaner is trying to be while working. As technology and innovation more forward, certain rethinking of long-established methods may be in order. There are now tools available that allow the professional to reach great heights from all types of angles while remaining firmly planted on the floor. Windows such as these have typically required wrestling to get tall ladders through doorways and then raised to a safe height and angle. But we have confirmed this often no longer necessary to obtain great results.

Ladders no longer required for high windows

Window cleaners challenge

















Here is a video created in the general Scranton area demonstrating how we can clean hard to reach windows with ease

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