Aug, 2013

What’s Included in Window Cleaning?

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What is included in window cleaning? This is a question that may have as many answers as respondents.
And I’ve found, as a professional window cleaner in the Scranton area for 27 years, that what my customers expect varies to the point where I am wise to explain beforehand what my standard service includes.
Among residential window cleaning contractors, I find from speaking and connecting on line with them, that some focus mainly on the glass itself, and a good cleaning of frames, sills, and screens demands an extra charge. This can be a good customer option for the budget-conscious, or downright confusing and disappointing to others. Again, it all depends on what each customer wants or expects. Other companies include more of the window area as standard service and charge extra for screen cleaning, or just include screens along with everything else.
My decision, after many years of cleaning windows for residential clients, is to provide all features listed above as my standard offering. I feel that I want a lasting reputation for homeowners and their visitors to be a contractor who leaves things looking amazing automatically.
If you’d like all-in-one pricing for window cleaning in Honesdale, Hawley, Carbondale, Scranton, or anywhere nearby call or visit me! 570-630-0326

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