Oct, 2013

What’s Included in Window Cleaning Prices?

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Many feel that the price of a service, the end product brought to their door, simply includes parts and labor, so to speak.
While that is part of the story, there is a whole lot more involved in the prices that professional cleaning companies- window cleaning included- quote a homeowner or business owner. Here are some factors beyond simply performing the function of window cleaning that make up professional pricing:

Quality materials make for quality work. Someone with enough time and determination can do a great job with a store-bought cleaning spray and paper towels, but more appropriate tools save time and energy.
Vehicles, whether modest or flashy need to get a contractor who provides all necessary equipment where he needs to be on a consistent basis. This requires maintenance and good ‘ol fuel and oil.
Is the good feeling of having the owner or well-trained employees important to you? It costs money to operate a business legally and prudently. Insurance to protect your property from damage caused by accidents, taxes and expenses associated with operating ‘above-table’, advertising, pleasant attire for those who are working in public or your precious home- these all incur an expense, month after month, year after year.
Also included is enough profit for the business owner to continue providing good service and retaining a good staff, and also having reason to stay in the window cleaning business!

So, when you are looking for a window cleaner near Honesdale, Scranton, Narrowsburg or the like please remember that peace of mind and a superb choice carry some cost, but the experience is worth it.

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