Best Window Cleaner in Scranton, PA Area?

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Who is the best window cleaner in the Scranton, PA area? Or what window cleaning company? That obviously is a very subjective question. How can that be measured or substantiated? Would it be the fastest? The one who leaves windows cleaner than anyone else? The company who has lasted longer than any other? The company with most customers? I would imagine every window cleaner would like to think, or perhaps, does think he is┬áthe best in the area. Any who don’t take enough pride in their work or customer service […]


Roof snow removal In the Poconos

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Roof snow removal is probably something you’d research only when an emergency arises. Winter in the Poconos of Pennsylvania often brings heavy snow. It falls not only on your yard, but on your roofs! Typically due to the relatively moist climate, it falls somewhat wet or soon absorbs ambient moisture from the air. This, in turn, puts more weight on your roof structure. Normally, this will not be a problem as roofs are built to handle fairly heavy loads, but when a very large amount of snow (and weight with […]

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