Roof Cleaning in the Poconos

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Have you noticed more and more roofs in the Scranton, Carbondale, and Honesdale areas getting those ugly black streaks and moss and lichen infiltration? You’re not alone. What began primarily as a problem in the Southeast US, and still is, has spread the the northeast and even other less humid regions of the country.
Is there reason for alarm when you get that on your roof? Perhaps. While the black you commonly see is unsightly, it is at that point on the granule surface. Many claim, and it seems to make sense, that it lowers the heating and cooling efficiency of your roof. BUT, moss and lichen are quite another thing. They have taken a fairly long time to become what they are on your roof and are intertwined in your granules, not just on the surface. Cleaning such a roof safely and effectively becomes yet more of a concern in these cases.
As you can guess, there are good ways and bad ways to address roof cleaning, and there are effective and less effective methods as well. Can a homeowner handle it? With a strong will, probably. Safely and thoroughly? Less likely. Not every method is kind to your roof and not every roof is easily walkable or walkable at all.

At Dan Wagner Window Cleaning we are very happy to provide this service as part of our home and building beautification service. Here’s an example of what we can do for you:
Roof before
Streaks Cleaned From Roof

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