Mar, 2015

Pressure Washing in Honesdale

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The weather seems to finally be in a warming trend in the Honesdale area. Now we’re seeing what ‘mark’ a long hard winter has left on houses and buildings in the area. And for many of us, we’re now seeing again the need to clean up a bit. Pressure washing is one of the very best, cost-effective ways to brighten things up around your property. When combined with other exterior maintenance such as gutter cleaning and window cleaning, it produces a transformation to what you forgot you had- a beautiful place to call yours.
Is it impossible for a homeowner to do a great job on his home, office, and decks with a modest pressure washing machine? Of course not! Is it easy? Sometimes, but not too often. In the Honesdale area, there are all types of style homes and offices. Some are small, but many are quite large and tall, with a variety of siding materials. All require somewhat different approaches with a pressure washer to yield great results delivered in an efficient and safe way.
Did you know that you don’t have to take hours and hours to effectively clean a large house? And you don’t need to use high pressure and a long pole to reach 2nd and 3rd story siding? You also don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy professional results which will produce a level of clean beyond what you may think is possible. See the difference in these pics. The siding was actually ‘soft washed’, not pressure washed in the strict sense, as high pressure is NEVER necessary on siding.

Pressure washing in Honesdale


Pressure washing in Honesdale


Why not call us today to schedule an appointment or get an estimate for pressure washing your home or office whether you live in Honesdale, Narrowsburg, Hawley, Scranton, Carbondale or anywhere in between!


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