We have always taken pleasure in conducting business with the proverbial handshake. Nevertheless, there are a number of subjects and policies we felt should be included in a discreet location on our official website for yours and our mutual protection and understanding.


Our Guarantees  no matter where we are working or what work we are doing, our guarantee is that you will be fully satisfied with the results, our appearance, and your overall experience. If we can’t bring the satisfaction level up to where you’d like after being given a reasonable opportunity, you do not pay.

Generally speaking, when a customer makes payment for services, it implies that he is satisfied with the services. We realize that there are some circumstances where trust in us is such that prepayment essentially is made before the work can be examined. This would by all means be one of a handful of extenuating circumstances where we would be obliged to not consider the transaction as ‘closed’ upon receiving payment.

At times, there are unknowns that will cause unexpected minor or serious issues. On rare occasions there is simply no way for us or anyone to know about these. Some possibilities may include water leakage or fragile or damaged items to be serviced. We take all practical precautions to prevent such occurrences and are more than willing to work with you at rectifying any unexpected problems.

We can only guarantee results for what we actually work on. For instance, if we are only cleaning windows on the outside, we can’t guarantee anything but the cleanliness of the outsides, no matter how ‘bad’ the insides may still look.

We guarantee that we will always bring or send to your site individuals who are legally employed and insured according to the laws of the land. There are occasions when we will subcontract the work, in which event all legal requirements as noted above will be adhered to.

Crew personnel, job assignments, and methods  As previously stated, we choose to employ and use clean-cut individuals in the traditional sense. All are expected to be appropriately presentable and are trained to do their job correctly and effectively.  After having your personal input regarding any concerns or possible challenges, we respectfully request that property owners or managers trust us with our decisions as to whom we bring or send to a worksite and how we assign tasks. Additionally we promise that our methods of attaining the desired results for which you are paying us are correct and safe.

If you as the customer insist on changes to the aforementioned that we deem to be unreasonable, unsafe, or ineffective, we retain the right to leave the premises at any time that agreement cannot be reached with no expressed or implied guarantee of return.  Additionally, if a considerable amount of time has been spent on a job when such an issue arises we will likely submit a bill for a reasonable percentage of the total price, if not the full total, and seek legal means to collect it if it is not quickly forthcoming.

We realize that if a legal contractual agreement is in place these potential issues should have already been accounted for and will be handled as needed.

Decorum We take seriously our efforts to have on your property, for however long or short a time span, clean-cut individuals in a physical and mental sense. We do not tolerate behavior that is considered unsafe, disrespectful, unreasonably inconvenient to your staff or customers,  or unneccessarily distracting. Additionally, we do not allow or tolerate from anyone we send to your property, loitering, smoking or illegal drug use, or speech that is considered filthy, abusive, lewd, threatening, prejudiced against race, religion, political opinion, or sexual orientation. If you ever witness or receive a report of any such things happening, we would like to know so we can address it decisively.

Storefront window cleaning We have been providing this service since 1986 without any interruption, literally having shown up at respective locations tens of thousands of times. Here are a few policies that may be of note to you as a current or potential customer, based on our collective experience.

Our intention is to clean every window in full, but in the event that there are significant obstacles or hindrances, we will clean the unobstructed parts. Included as possible hindrances are customers who are seated near windows for the entirety of our visit,  heavy or unwieldy items in front of windows, large or heavy neon signs or lights, large items attached by suction cups, taped on items that can’t be removed without ripping them, temporary paint or spray.

What is included Thorough wiping of sills and edges of the window.

A diligent effort to remove stains from grease, liquid, and food.

Removal of spider webs and droppings on glass and within frames.

Returning items we moved to their original place.

Cleaning excess liquid on floors in walk areas.

What is not included  Removal of items not directly related the cleaning the glass and frames.

Detailed cleaning of frames between and around glass

Removal of excessive tape of any sort or remnants of it.

Removal of temporary paint, permanent paint or stain drips, or tree sap.

Removal of excessive shotgun fungus (those black dots that come from mulch)

We may be able to perform these services at an additional cost.

Slightly inclement weather generally does not stop us from cleaning the outsides, but if it becomes futile to do an effective job, we will pass and return at the first appropriate opportunity.

We endeavor to be completely honest in our dealings with customers and, logically, honest with ourselves and the laws of the land. We do accept cash as a form of payment, but will not discount our work and skip the sales tax when it is applicable.  It is the customer’s choice where payment will come from for any service we render. We have no issue with providing a general description of what we did, but we will not falsify information.

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