Roof snow removal In the Poconos

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Roof snow removal is probably something you’d research only when an emergency arises.
Winter in the Poconos of Pennsylvania often brings heavy snow. It falls not only on your yard, but on your roofs!
Typically due to the relatively moist climate, it falls somewhat wet or soon absorbs ambient moisture from the air. This, in turn, puts more weight on your roof structure. Normally, this will not be a problem as roofs are built to handle fairly heavy loads, but when a very large amount of snow (and weight with it) piles up, you may be facing potential problems. It could be simply the sheer weight load that your roof system is now bearing or eventual leaking into your living space. And sometimes this leaking is more than a trickle. It can be a small stream.
When heat escapes from your home and reaches the snow cover on your roof surface it can cause melting, and then the water can freeze at your eaves or in your gutters. If the water has nowhere to drain it will eventually find its way into your house. A homeowner can use a typical roof rake to get a good amount of snow off his roof from the ground or a deck. That would be under ideal conditions. If the the eaves is elevated to an extent where a roof rake cannot reach it or achieve an effective angle from which to operate it, the snow and possibly ice will just go ahead and do its damage. A professional roof cleaner can prevent or alleviate this problem safely with the right equipment and know how. Some are equipped to do a safe and complete removal of the ice buidup and others are able to effectively and safely create a channel in which to allow underlying water to drain.

Roof snow removal

Heavy snow safely removed

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