Best Window Cleaner in Scranton, PA Area?

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Who is the best window cleaner in the Scranton, PA area? Or what window cleaning company? That obviously is a very subjective question. How can that be measured or substantiated? Would it be the fastest? The one who leaves windows cleaner than anyone else? The company who has lasted longer than any other? The company with most customers?

I would imagine every window cleaner would like to think, or perhaps, does think he is the best in the area. Any who don’t take enough pride in their work or customer service to believe they are a candidate for “the best” shouldn’t even be considered in my opinion. Yes, there is a point where the quality threshold reaches the point of sufficiency. Very few people are so obsessed with perfection that time constraints or personal and public safety are not viewed as important considerations.

The hard truth is that it doesn’t really matter beyond my ego if I think I’m the ‘best’ window cleaner in the world. That would simply give me an attitude. What is important to someone searching for a window cleaner to hire may be “who is the best for me“? “Will they do a good job and not leave a disaster behind”? “How easy will this whole experience be”? “Is there adequate testimony to back their claims”? The people’s voice speaks loudly in such instances.

My own personal opinions aside, I feel that my company,  Dan Wagner Window Cleaning, can stake a fair claim to being the best choice in the area by virtue of our abundant testimonialsAlso on Google!

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I urge you to experience to pleasure of having us serve you as hundreds of others do year after year.  We are already taking appointments for the upcoming season.

Visit our website at or call us at 570-630-0326.


Dan Wagner Window Cleaning, the most recommended window cleaners in the Scranton, PA area

We can easily and safely clean hard-to-reach windows

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