Jun, 2014

My Best Customers

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Wow, expounding on that theme could get a person in big trouble!
I am wisely not going to list my favorite customers or even ‘best’ by a quantifiable rating standard.
I will describe what I consider to be best fits for me as service business owner. Here are some attributes I highly value:
1. Automatic service- These are the customers who have agreed to have me automatically service their business locations. I even currently have one residential customer who has me automatically show up every month from spring into autumn. The benefits to me are reliable income, the ability to schedule other jobs based on where I know I’ll be on what day, and eliminating the need to confirm appointments or walk into a shop and find out whether they would like window cleaning that day or not. One possible downside is when a business fails to pay in a timely fashion. I’ve actually had to give up some accounts because of this.
2. Loyalty- Loyalty to me as a person is okay and I suppose flattering, but loyalty based on my reliability, honesty, and customer service is truly valuable in my opinion. My motto is “You’ll like what you see.” That saying entails more than how the windows look after I’m finished cleaning them. It includes the experience and good feeling I promise as a result of being efficient, courteous, and thorough. The complete package. I want my clients to feel there is no reason to look elsewhere and have solid reasons to feel that way.
3. Honesty- Speaking from a service person’s standpoint, there are few worse feelings than believing I have a completely happy client and then losing him or her. Even though the impulse is to ask “what’s wrong with them”? a better question is “what did I do wrong” or “what did someone else do better”? Good communication certainly helps here, but having an honest appraisal from a client is good for both parties; for the client to receive even better service and for the contractor to make necessary adjustments for the future. This highlights the need to keep the door of communication open.

I’m always open to gaining more ‘best customers’! Call or text me 570-630-0326

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