Roof snow removal In the Poconos

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Roof snow removal is probably something you’d research only when an emergency arises. Winter in the Poconos of Pennsylvania often brings heavy snow. It falls not only on your yard, but on your roofs! Typically due to the relatively moist climate, it falls somewhat wet or soon absorbs ambient moisture from the air. This, in turn, puts more weight on your roof structure. Normally, this will not be a problem as roofs are built to handle fairly heavy loads, but when a very large amount of snow (and weight with […]


Window Cleaning in the Dead of Winter?

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Here in northern Pennsylvania, a typical winter doesn’t yield too many days with several consecutive hours of above-freezing temperatures. That makes it a bit more difficult in general to clean windows. Is it necessary to put off getting your home windows cleaned when it’s winter? I’ve never done a real study on airborne dirt in different seasons, but I’m confident that winter carries it’s share of surface contaminants, what with the wind and the impurities, minimal as they may be, in snow falling from the sky. Interestingly, with the sun […]

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